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The architects behind ABCzoo

The architects behind ABCzoo are Søren Juhl and Hans Henrik Søllested. In addition to fathering a total of four small and older children, we are also big children ourselves. Maybe that is why we think that play should be taken serious.


Our role as fathers combined with our knowledge of the technology behind games, motivated us to develop a games for young children. Quality games, that would spark childrens' interest to learn, play and do.


Lively learning

Our ambition was to create a lively and challenging platform for growth. A universe that awakens curiosity within the child, and stimulates an appetite for learning and accumulating knowledge through motivation from within - something that is paramount for a child's development.


This vision made cultivating the pedagogic qualities of the childrens' games our top priority and we had to let academic restraints and creative freedom work side-by-side. We are now proud to welcome you to our zoo - a universe of ABCzoo online childrens' games, packed with funny animals and challenging tasks to be completed.






ABCzoo highlights:

Fine-tuning of level in each game, so the game can be adjusted to the child's current level

Easy-to-use interface and vocal guide, so children can play the games on their own.

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Unique games for children

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