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Colourful childrens' games with animals

The first gamepack from ABCzoo contains five different computer games. They are pedagogically aimed at 2, 3 and 4-year olds and appeal to different learning styles and strategies. Common for all the games is that they all boast and easy-to-use interface, and a vocal guide - this means that the children can play for themselves when the game has been started. Additionally, all the games include inconspicuous grammar training: when animals or objects are touched in ABCzoo, the word is shown on the screen, and activating the TV-icon will display how the word is spelled.


Unique games for children

Click the picture to see a video of ABCzoo TV


As part of all the games, you will discover a unique and profound feature; a little TV that functions as an online-encyclopedia. When children see the cartoon-animals, they can activate the TV-icon which will then display pictures of a lion, for instance, as it would look in a real zoo - or on the Savannah. Pictures are complimented with spoken words, that will explain more about the animal in question.


In this way, the fantasy world & animals from the game, are effectively linked to real knowledge about the big world out there - to a simple and comprehensible degree, appealing to the specified age group. Another pedagogical feature is the option to choose text-formatting.


You can choose between small letters, Capital First letters or BIG LETTERS. This gives you freedom to choose the form that your child is most familiar with - and to talk about the difference between letter types. Furthermore, it makes it possible for children to get used to Capital first letters, an essential part for anyone who is learning how to read.


Big leaps in games for preschoolers

As a parent, you will not have to supervise your child to see how he or she is advancing through discovery of shapes, sounds, animals and the abc. 

The user-interface is simple - even in the games. Combined with a comprehensible vocal guide, this ensures that even the youngest children can complete all tasks, when the game has been started.

Contents of GamePack 1


Click the picture to see a video of the puzzles


Basically, a simple puzzle with square pieces. Just a little different; you can decide the amount of puzzle pieces.

Like traditional puzzles, our puzzles are about seeing patterns and matching colours. Ranging from easy to challenging, from entertaining to educative - the ability to fine-adjust each level gives you unprecedented control, and makes ABCzoo the perfect choice for you and your child. Your child will be stimulated to learn by playing with the more than 50 animals that, combined with the five different background-themes, give more than 250 puzzles to play with.


Restaurant zoo:

Click the picture to see a video of Restaurant zoo


Does a giraffe eat leafs, scallions or melons? Try - and learn - what food the different animals in the zoo eat.

It is all about shaping an understanding of different foods in this children's game about animals. What does the food - which the animals eat - look like? Do they eat other animals or plants? Like all other ABCzoo-games, you decide the difficulty. You can choose how many different foods should be displayed at a time, two, three, four or five at a time - the child then has to try and find out, which food the displayed animal prefers. There are more than 40 hungry animals in ABCzoo, waiting to be fed by children - with more than 50 different foods to choose between.


Listen and Learn:

Click the picture to see a video of Listen and Learn


What is that sound? Try - and learn - what the different animals in the zoo sound like.

Learn about sounds in this online game, where the child has to combine sounds and drawings. It is all about matching the right sound with the right drawing, which could be of an animal or object. In the settings, you can adjust the level, and in the beginning it might be best that the child only has to choose between 2 drawings for each sound. This level can be increased gradually, as your child grows and is ready to take on more fun and educative challenges, so more drawings are shown each time a sound is heard. The highest level of difficulty will show seven drawings for each given sound - and the game contains more than 50 drawings.


Animal Post:

Click the picture to see a video of Animal Post


What animal is on that postcard? Try – and learn – whether it is a thing, an animal or food.

This game focuses on teaching about animals, objects and foods. A game for preschoolers, that aims to develop an understanding of different classes of things. It is possible to adjust many settings, and you decide how many categories the child has to discern between. Maybe a good start is to teach the child how to discern animals from food? You can later add other classes, like objects, when the child needs new challenges. This game contains a total of 160 drawings which need to be categorized.



Build an Animal:

Click the picture to see a video of Build an Animal


We will show you the outline of an animal, and give you parts of the animal, bit by bit. Try - and learn - to combine different parts and shapes, when you have to build the various animals in the zoo. 

This game for young children is based on prominent characteristics of each animal, and in addition to teaching the child about each animal, it develops fine motor control. The game lets you, like all other games in ABCzoo, adjust how much the child has to do themselves: in the easiest level, the child only has to correctly place 1 part of the animal - the rest is already put in place. Level "medium" shows an animal that is half-built - the child will then have to finish assembly by placing the remaining parts correctly. Finally, the most difficult level requires the animal to be assembled from scratch.



Individual settings



All games share a common characteristic; you can define range of settings to take your childs' skills and development into account. In addition to levels of difficulty in each game, you can change various overall settings using the Toolbox in the top right corner:


Should the zookeeper be a girl or a boy? You choose.

You can also adjust how text is displayed in the game; should it be small letters, Capital first letters, or ALL BIG LETTERS? Read more about the profound advantages of this option under "Unique Games for Children".


What would all these achievements mean without a nice diploma? The game will automatically announce when a diploma is ready to be saved - and you can even upload a picture of the proud child, which will be included on the diploma as well.


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ABCzoo highlights:

Unique online encyclopedia: when you access the TV-icon at the top of the screen, pictures, sounds and videos of real animals are seen and heard – and also spoken word with information about the animals.

Save and image of the various animals - or a nice diploma, with an optional photo chosen by the child.

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Unique games for children

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